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De Stille Boot
It Bûtlân 9
8621 DV Heeg
T. 0515 44 44 28
F. 084 88 33 555

Electric boating

by De Stille Boot

The translation for "De Stille Boot" is "the silent ship". Silent electric boats is our business. On our boatyard in Heeg, Friesland we build and refit electric boats. These can be sail boats, traditional Dutch "sloeps" or motor boats. We build fully electric, but also parallel and serial hybrid installations.

We are the proud distibutor of the Torque-Jet hubless electric propulsion. This unique electric boat engine has no shaft, is compact, lightweight and quiet.
We deliver the complete drive train for electric boats including batteries, lithium or lead acid.

Our subsidary DSB Power is the Dutch distributor for the flexible solar panels from Solbian and the Solarpod range from Thousand Suns.